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Sabrina Lloyd is a multi-disciplinary artist who has been travelling the world for the past decade from Uganda to Rome to Kenya, to an island in the Salish Sea, and now back to Kenya. She is a mother, a writer, a storyteller, a visual artist, a potter and an award-winning actress.

She studied Creative Writing at Columbia University NY and received a degree in English Literature from The University of London. Before this her film and television career saw her working with such Hollywood greats as Aaron Sorkin, Patrick Swayze, William H. Macy, Gabriel Byrne, Hal Hartley and starring in such shows and films as Sports Night, Sliders, Numbers, Father Hood and The Girl From Monday. 

The work you will find on this website is Sabrina's visual artistry and her writing. You will find the pieces that are for sale in the shop and Sabrina is now open for Commissions. Send an Expression of Interest through the contact below.


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What's being said...

Jen Pastiloff
The Best-selling Author of
'On Being Human'
Joel McKerrow
Award winning writer and perfomance poet

“Sabrina Lloyd is my North Star. A prolific wonder who refuses to exist inside of any kind of box. When I want to feel creative, I look towards any of Sabrina’s myriad of creations, from theatrical to written to painting to photography, and I remember that it’s possible. Sabrina reminds me that I am limitless and that our divine birthright is to be creative. She so often points me toward beauty when I’m lost."

"Sabrina Lloyd is a creative shape-shifter. What do I mean by this? She, more than anyone I know, has been able to take her creative energy and let it morph into new and unexpected shapes throughout the seasons of her life. The ultimate life-long artist, she has poured herself out into her screen-work, her fiction writing, her poetry, her painting, her pottery. She pushes into new territory again and again and I am utterly inspired by her life. I honestly think she is one of the great multi-disciplinary artists of our time.”




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