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The Art of Crafting Story with Joel McKerrow
An online, one month, Creative writing intensive beginning 4th July 2022

 Joel and Sabrina will be guiding you into the world of story-telling, using a number of different narrative frameworks and structures, as well as their own experience, to help you both write better stories and also live better stories.

So, whether you are a professional story-telling novelist, film-maker, performance poet, social justice advocate, short-story enthusiast, or if you simply tell stories in your instagram posts or within your paintings or your choreography, this course is for you. 


Whatever your creative outlet, whatever your skill level, whatever your experience, if you want to learn to tell better stories, this course is for you


“I had always wanted to write a story, and really didn’t know where to start. I knew there were stories within me that needed to be told, but I lacked confidence and advice on how to get started. Sabrina mentored me through an online writing course which was absolutely life changing. She was very encouraging, supportive and practical, guiding me in the right direction, celebrating the good stories and helping me reframe others. She is a great communicator, and has a wealth of knowledge of other writers and styles, giving me recommended reading along the way. She also has wonderful stories to share too, I learnt so much over the weeks. By the end of the course I was onto something. I am now looking at how I can publish my stories, something I never dreamed possible. I can highly recommend Sabrina, I loved every minute of the time with her and hope I get the opportunity to work with her again one day.”
–Lee Palumbo

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