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Dear Friday,

Long week. It's hot in Kenya. Bone melting hot. But the long rains are coming and they bring their own difficulty so I lean into the sun and stay grateful.

Been running too hard. Why is consistent self care so fleeting? We all do better when we rest, find time to unwind, laugh. I submerge myself into it from time to time, feeling my body go down, and under. I take baths, walks, read. It feels so damn good. I sleep better, have more patience. But life is so full and stressful (and exciting!) and I come back up. Only when I find myself dizzy with exhaustion do I realize I'd forgotten myself, yet again. Around and around and around, back under, back up.

Exhausted today.

I was asked on an Insta post about my art. I am self taught. Incredibly inspired by Jiab Prachakul. Like her, I pour over books and practice every chance I can. I absolutely love it.

The shop opens up here on the blog tomorrow. I'm hopeful and excited.

Tomorrow is also the new moon so don't forget to go outside and see the stars if you can.


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Words from the other side of the world by a wise artist philosopher bring perspective. In the northeastern U.S., a few unseasonably warm days are turning into more cold ones. We’re not done with frost overnight. Spring is coming but we’re impatient.

This weekend we turn our clocks ahead to give ourselves the illusion that we can control the universe by prolonging daylight. What people do.

When we are reminded to slow down and look to the night sky, we see different stars. A different view of the same universe that brings us together. Thank you, Sabrina.

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