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New collection, upcoming shows

Spring has sprung, windows cracked at night, air so sweet and fresh. The world still holding so much turmoil, which makes me hold tighter to beauty and gratitude.

My new collection is up in the gallery. I will be putting pieces in the shop within the coming days.

I've got 2 shows here on the island in next few weeks which I am very excited for. I'll take pictures and post them here in the blog.


Book currently reading: Klara and the Sun by Ishiguro

Music currently playing: Jon Batiste, We Are

תגובה אחת

23 באפר׳ 2022

Hi Sabrina!

Congrats on the shows!

Spring still cold dowb here in Oregon...but warmer weather is coming...

One book I just finsihed was Drive Your Own Darn Bus by my coach Julia Kristina. (Trying to not be biased lol) but honestly it is a great book and highly recommend it! You probably seen me share her posts before on IG.

Take good care!


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