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Dear Friday,

It's been a long week. Not much sleep, news of countries closing down again, cases rising here in Kenya. It's been scary.

The virus has mostly spared this region. So many theories as to why. But now it's here, and people are sick.

I met a woman yesterday whose 33 year old roommate just passed from it.

The vaccines have arrived, but it is the one that may cause blood clots.

So I do what I can do.....

I just continue to go deeper into my health.

I made this delicious lunch today. Very easy and quick.

Roast a butternut squash with a little olive oil and zatar spice. In a bowl mix garlic, lemon juice, and tahini to drizzle over when done. I like to sauté my pumpkin seeds, but you can just put them on raw. Lastly, I add a few fresh pomegranate seeds.

Our health. Our most prized possession.

I miss the community of voices from my other site. Not too many have found me yet here, so if you have please drop a comment and tell me how are you faring in this crazy time. What do you do to keep sane? To laugh?



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