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Dear Friday,

Another week filled with art and music, nature, my children's laughter and sometimes tears.

Kenya is out of lockdown, cases have fallen, even without the vaccine. Only a very small percentage of people have had one here, and yet we are open and moving and feeling some relief.

The Colobus monkeys have moved in. Such timid creatures; Such loud calls! I love them so much. We watch as the Colobus babies play with the Sykes' babies. They chase each other across the yard and tangle themselves in limbs. It's incredible.

The rains have come hard but they fall only at night, the days still hot with sun.

I feel I am finding my voice more and more in my art. There is a trance that happens, the focus is unparalleled for me and then I look up and then I look down and what I see is exactly what I had seen in my imagination. I took the chance to be bad at something to get good at something. I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Stay healthy!


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