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Dear Friday,

It's been a good week. Busy, and full. I am taking three art classes and getting so much out of each. Feeling more free, trusting my skills, I am letting myself become looser in paint and vision.

One of my teachers talked about art and how it plays, how one piece can move someone whereas another is left in stone. She talked about Van Gogh and how one person can stand before his work and fall in love, whereas another can look at the very same pieces and feel nothing. So paint for you, she said. Paint only for you.

I call these four paintings my sleeping beauties.

A chill has come in the night and it feels so good to be wrapped in sweaters again, even if only for a few hours until the sun bears down once more.

Our tickets are booked and the countdown to home has begun. Now that it's closer, I am ready, and very excited to taste salt air.

I'm moody lately. It's wecolmed. I've learned to surf emotion so I no longer sink. I think perhaps these paintings have become my board. No, I think I built my board in my soul and these paintings are my buoys. Beautiful support.


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Cara Cameron
Cara Cameron
Jun 11, 2021

"I've learned to surf emotion so I no longer sink." WOW. I instantly related and felt less alone. If that's not the reaction of a well crafted and poignant sentence, then I don't know what is. You're incredibly inspiring to me, thank you for sharing your truth.

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