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I've been watching the George Floyd trial happening in the States. I know I shouldn't. I couldn't watch the videos from the day when it happened. But I find myself drawn to the hope of justice, the hope for my country that something will happen, that things will change.

We had a worker come today to help with something in the house and I was racing trying to find a mask before I opened the door. Such a kind man. I never got to see his smile.

My husband has to leave to go to Ethiopia. There is a war going on and he will be there, in a country falling apart, and I will be here, locked down in Kenya, alone with the children.

So I paint grief. What it feels like, what it looks like to me. The face is stoic, strong, but weighted down with worry. Our shoulders that mountain that carries it.

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Chris Hill
Chris Hill
Apr 09, 2021

There is a lot of sadness and grief going on in this world.

May there be hope for Ethiopia.

May there be hope for Kenya.

May there be hope for the US.

May you and your family be safe, healthy, peaceful and live with ease. 🙏♥




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