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It's not mindfulness, it's rest.

Insomnia found me a few years ago.

It comes in waves, like storms. Sometimes it is only for a night, other times it lingers for what feels like forever.

Last night I did not sleep at all. Hour upon hour I tossed and turned until there was enough light to claim morning.

It's been a very full few months for me. Homeschooling one, sending the other back to school, lunches packed, homework checked. Trying to find time to paint everyday and launching my own business.

I knew today would be hard. That putting each foot in front of the other could bring tears of exhaustion. But I have learned in this dalliance with insomnia that if I just pay attention to one thing at a time I will be okay. I put myself completely into what I am doing: washing the dishes, standing in the shower, catching butterfiles with my son.

It's called mindfulness, but for me it's deep rest. I can rest in every moment if I just pay attention. Give myself to it fully.

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Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira
Mar 16, 2021

I suffer from terrible anxiety issues so getting good rest is also a problem for me. I find it best to put things in perspective and realise some of the things we worry about aren't really that important. This is difficult for me as I also have autism but it's something I do need to get a handle on.

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