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That’s the way the cookie crumbles


I’ve lifted my head briefly from my world of stories and sniffles.

We outpaced all viruses all winter and yet I am felled right before my first exam.

It started with my daughter who brought it home from school.

She passed it to my son who shared it with me.

So we all three are sniffling and aching and coughing while I study and study and study.

And try to rest.


Summer didn’t want to wait. From cold damp days to a scorching sun that had us racing for shade this week.

That’s the thing about mountain living on this island. You get colder winters and hotter summers.

I think I am dreaming of a little seashore cottage.

Still waiting for spring.


We have hummingbirds fly into our house often.

They move so fast in the world, yet are so docile when I go to lift them up and place them back outside.

I can reach out my hand and simply take one, and it will sit there and just be.

It’s a bit how I am looking at this sickness right now that has come at the worst time.

I’ve got my exams, and having to ferry over to another island to take them, and hotels to stay in, and it’s all so much if I let it be.

Instead I am laying it down, like a hummingbird in a hand, and just resting my wings.

Instead of struggling and worrying. 

Just letting it all be exactly how it is. 


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