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The Italian driver

Dear Italian drivers,

Yes, that was an object bouncing off your hood. Yes, that big building sure did come out of nowhere. Yes, trees are quite solid, especially the big ones, and no, you can’t drive across a river. Yes, I realize you are in a hurry and of course, it’s hard to understand the huge bright flashing person sign indicating someone might be crossing the street and well, I know your coffee will get cold if you put it down and my goodness that cigarette is good, but if you have one in each hand, well, who’s driving the car? Yes, I know fast is fun and I’ve never had so much as you barrel towards me on the highway, but if you could just give me a moment to move over, or run into a ditch if need be, perhaps both our days could last just a little bit longer.

Sincerely yours, Sabrina


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