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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

It's hard living in two places. Both offer us something so rich and important for our souls and happiness. On the island, it's the natural beauty, the flow of ocean currents, the movement of seasons. Here, in Kenya, it's the people. There is so much warmth in the people here. So much humility, kindness. Openness.

I grew up in the South in the United States. While there have been and still are many (MANY) problems with that part of my country the one pure gold of being from the South is the warmth we are raised into, and taught. You haven't known hospitality until you have had Southern hospitality. No one came to our home that was not wecolmed with food and a cold drink. If the hours got late, blankets and pillows came out. I was raised to treat everyone, no matter who!, with kindness. I was raised to understand that we all fight battles and the best thing we can do is open our doors, listen, and of course, feed.

Here in Kenya I am met with the same feeling I grew up with. It feels like home in so many ways. Everyone looks you in the eye, you are never rushed, you always feel welcomed.

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