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and another moon passed...

Is this just age? When time seems to move so fast that you turn around and days bleed into

weeks that leak into years so that you wake up one morning wearing skin that hangs looser and limbs that feel heavier and you wonder where it's all gone?

I want to live this beautiful life! Stop time. Marinate in moments. Like those summer days when one is young and it feels like forever.

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is hard. It's so dark and grey and sits on you like weight.

But there are books and fires and rest. I've been walking to meet rest halfway and it's been glorious.

To live this life that rushes like a river.

The paint is still flowing. The pieces sing to me, speak to me. The kids and I have found the most beautiful rhythm in this darkest of winters. So much peace.

It's so peaceful here.

Lots of new pieces up in the shop. The top painting is already taken. xxx

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Feb 04, 2022

Hi Sabrina! (I am watching Sliders as I write this. 😉 Needed the escapism and nostalgia)

Yes, winters are hard in the PNW. I live in Oregon, and I just brought up the topic S.A.D with my coach/counsellor Julia. She also lives in B.C, Canada. I particularly have a hard time with overcast. I would rather have it either sunny with blue ski (and few to none clouds) or pouring rain (I find it soothing or a good thunderstorm) but overcast really gets to me.

Looks like you are giving yourself what you need. That is wonderful.

Remember always you are a worthy and valued person. 🧡 Take good care.

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