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Caverns of Silence

I read something this week that has burrowed into me. It was about health, which if you read my blog you know is a huge priority for me. I eat well, almost completely organic. I exercise and meditate. What I read was that health is so much deeper. It’s not just the exercise and healthy food, it’s the thoughts you have, the friends you keep. It made me think of a pitcher and how we pour out and pour out but need to be much more careful about what is pouring in. Of course this is a lesson we all know about news and social media, but what about the more quiet corners of our lives? Our minds, and the things racing through them. The friends you give to that maybe don’t give very much back. I learned much too late to stop pouring into people who didn’t pour into me.


One of the missing pieces for me in my search for deep health is silence. We live in a very noisy world. I enjoy so much of it, but I am from the last generation that grew up without the internet. My childhood was deep within the caverns of silence. Even when I am quiet these days I find I am still filling it with something: knitting, reading, even meditation is doing something. Growing up in Florida I remember sitting on the porch with my grandparents just watching nothing. Maybe someone would walk by. Maybe just a bird in the air. For hours upon hours my life had so much quiet. I find myself looking for that now, feel myself needing that nourishment as much as I need water. I need to sit, and be. And I need to find space to do it every day.


Like all of us I am worried, scared. Will the vaccines work? Will we ever go back to normal? I can’t control what will happen but I can go as deep as I possibly can into nourishing my body and soul.



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