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Holiday time

Our days in this part of the world are getting darker, light leaving little by little as we sit on the cusp of the winter solstice.

I have my candle ready to light on the eve of that darkest day. A candle that will burn all night, and when I wake, on the morning of winter, I know that each day from then on will hold a tiny bit more light.

I missed these seasonal light changes so much during my many years in East Africa.


Our tree is up, the children are dancing in anticipation. Cookies in the oven and carols on the speakers. These are the moments.


No matter what you celebrate, I wish you a beautiful end of the year. It's been another tough one, hasn't it? And now with another variant, it just keeps going and going. As someone who struggles with depression, it has taken a lot out of me to not sink.

But it's also important to not numb.

So one of the gifts I am giving myself this Christmas is space to cry, to feel, to release. I am taking long baths and longer walks and just saying, "Wow. Ouch!"

But we've made it this far. And for that I am so so grateful.

Life can hurt so damn much.

But it can be so beautiful.

And I have been completely held up by all the support here over this last year, thank you.

My readers here, my community on instagram. All of you who have bought my work. When I think of the walls holding my creativity around the world, well that has gotten me through some pretty tough days.

Thank you.

I've had a few people reach out about wanting to buy art but not being able to afford it. I get it! So I am going to be doing smaller pieces, 9 x 12, and selling for a much lower price. I hope you enjoy.



“Wow. Ouch!” indeed. What is this life? Missing you this holiday season, and wishing we could bring our little families together. Love you all!


Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira
Dec 16, 2021

Have a Happy Christmas Sabrina! 🙂

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