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Do you do what you do for love?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

We've just had the most glorious 3 days. After endless rain, the sun came out and filled our hearts and souls. We hiked along the coast to have apple cider on a cliff's edge. We planted our spring bulbs and covered our vegetable beds with maple leaves.

We played and looked for bugs and spent every second we could outside.

Weeks of rain make sunny days so much sweeter.

Painting is bringing me endless joy these autumn days. It always has, but I'm human and everyone wants to be liked. I found myself becoming too hopeful that my art would be received well when I put it on social media. Would I get 'likes?' Would people comment? But what happened was the more I did the art for me, the less I got of both.

It reminded me of a questionnaire I was asked to fill out once asking me who I was. Was I a writer, a potter, an artist? What type of artist? A portrait artist or a modern artist and my answer was yes. Yes, I am all of that.

Why do we need to file ourselves? Limit ourselves?

Limit ourselves so people will like us?

Yes, I know how to paint a picture at this point that people will 'like.'

But I had to make a choice. Is that why I was painting?

I decided to paint for love, and love only.

It doesn't matter if anyone likes or comments anymore.

I like it.


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