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Finding beauty

My son found this amazing grasshopper exoskeleton sitting on our steps as the full moon was rising.

He showed us a turtle hidden camouflaged in scrub during our last game drive. It look us forever to see what he saw in a mere second. A brown spot within a brown landscape, completely hidden, except to him.

A wasp making a nest, chameleons hidden in bushes, beetles with red or purple wings.

Every moment of every day he’s watching, looking, finding beauty everywhere.

My daughter sees art wherever she looks. She sees color and movement, captures images in her mind to come home and find them again under her pencil, paintbrush, pen where the beauty is recaptured forever.

Sometimes she looks only within and finds all the inspiration she needs deep in her imagination.

I find my deepest beauty in them.

Last night the full moon rose over Kenya. The Ibis were calling their loud caws while the monkeys lay shadowed amongst the trees. A few stars dotted the sky. The heat unbroken by the normal evening breeze.

Where do you find beauty?


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