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From sky to root

Yesterday began in the heavens and constellations.

My son is taking a class with an astronomer working in Northern British Columbia. Surprisingly he is the only one who signed up, so my 8 year old spends hours a week having one-on-one conversations about space. They talk of galaxies and stars. Black holes and eternity. Time. I cannot help but listen, absorb it all and carry it out into the night sky which I find myself looking at more and more.

Yesterday ended beneath the dirt and soil.

As I made dinner my children and I listened to an amazing podcast about trees and how they communicate and help each other, all through this web of root. I look down and imagine these roots, holding hands, this unseen world holding us up.

I felt stretched and expanded.

I felt held and limitless.

Life can get so narrow. As someone who has had depression and anxiety it is still easy for me to look too inward, get too small, shrink from everything.

I want to live in that feeling I felt yesterday. Stretched to God and rooted to place. I felt so free. And good.

Imagine a world, like the one under our feet, where we held each other and nurtured each other, and fed one another.

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