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Monday's poem and the apocalypse

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

The world sure feels overwhelming right now. Fires, and the pandemic. Earthquakes and images of desperation as people cling to an airplane in a country fallen into terror's hands.

It all feels too much.

I am hiding in the woods today. Touching trees and lingering on leaves of hope for tomorrow.

Today's poem is by Marie Howe

The Bird

Even when I held my hands over my ears

I could hear the sirens squealing down the avenue:

somebody else's trouble: broken or

bleeding or burned: and the through the porch windows

a bird in the ash tree kept calling out: bleating,

like the hungry cry of a human child and wouldn't stop.

Even when I opened the window

and yelled at the bird, it bleated on

the way a child does when you shake it.

Down the four flights to the courtyard of the building

I could still hear it,

and around the corner to the mailbox: there too.

Cool Hand Luke finally said: Just don't hit me again Boss. Please

just don't hit me again.

And his men turned against him and spit in his food.

No attic anymore; no stumbling drunk, he's dead;

no belt; no pencil; no safety pin,

only a summer afternoon in a small city: porch windows,

bird singing. How many hands does a city have?

Yesterday each one was a sound.

And the bird's trouble? It must have gotten solved

--all that insistent complaint.

By the time I fell asleep, it was quiet.


Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall
Aug 17, 2021

Hi Sabrina,

It does seem there is much more bad news than good, even with what is happening and how frightening it truly is, I do try to see the good and hope in people.

Your new painting is beautiful, I hope it brings out the good emotions in everyone who sees it as much as the feelings you put into your work.

best wishes

Daniel Hall


Chris Hill
Chris Hill
Aug 16, 2021

Hi Sabrina.

Yes, things are so troubling now...

Thank you for sharing the poem. It is a nice escape.

To brighten the day, today is National Tell A Joke Day!

What kind of bird doesn't know the words to their own song?

A hummingbird. ;)

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