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Slowing down....

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Happy Easter, for those who celebrate. Happy passover, for those in celebration. Happy full moon for all you witches.

I've been slowing down, wanting to taste Wild Rest. Lingering in my art, letting the pictures speak to me, tell me when they need more. I place these faces around my rooms and they whisper, and I listen, and it's beautiful. My art feels more alive, more intuitive, more playful every day.

This piece sat on my dresser for a week and I loved her rawness, her simple lines and space, but she was not done. Each day I felt her opening up more and only now do I feel she's ready to face the world. I've played with names, but she's not ready to be labeled, perhaps never will be, so for now it's simply, Untitled.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, or that rain is bringing nourishment to flowers, or snow is reflecting light.


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Yes, Happy Easter!

I like your art because the portraits convey a sense of emotions, and I can ”feel“ them. I like how you mentioned a name for the one you had out, and how you used the word labeled.

Too often in this world people try to create us and label us, and its a wonderful feeling to break free from that and simply just let each person, their own self, be their own expression. Untitled isn’t really a limitation, it’s an infinite potential. <3



Happy Easter Sabrina! 🐣 ❤️🙏

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