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Notes from the mountain

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

The rain keeps falling. We've been lucky so far, on our little island. A few mud slides, some torn up roads, but everyone has been safe. And helping. My dear neighbors came, without my knowing, and filled in the gashes upon my steep driveway so that we were safe coming and going.

That's the thing about rural life. The driveways are long, the nights so dark and black, but when anything happens, your neighbors are there to help.

I hope they know how much I appreciate them thinking of me--us--, making sure to see we are safe.

With the news of the new variant and the dark rainy days, I decided Christmas needed to come earlier. The kids were overjoyed to bring out the lights. We put carols on the speakers and I cannot remember a day when so much laughter has filled our walls. We all needed it.

Painting continues to become more and more free for me. I've let go of the classes, the imitations to learn different techniques and embraced my own completely. When I paint, I am not there anymore. I go into a trance as I listen to music and let it flow through me. It's so beautiful. I would have those moments when acting. Moments I missed terribly when I left that world. You are completely innocent again, like a child. Nothing exsists except that moment. There is no self consciouness, no thinking. There is only being.

I can't believe I've found a way to feel that again.


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