top of page's not Friday.

We have such good plans, good intentions, and then time moves and paint flows and children get fed and here we are. Not Friday, but my words now..

Today on our island the warm sun came out, it hailed, then snowed, then the warm sun returned only to now be buried in grey cloud with a light rain falling. It felt/feels like spring and winter embracing in the sky and we are witness to all the emotion and turmoil of love.

My new collection will be up in the shop soon. I am excited to share these pieces and hope for them all to find a home.

I've been mulling a change. This island has given us so much. We needed to come here, to take what it had to give. And I've changed a good deal living on this mountain, surrounded by water. But I'm feeling like I need to stretch my legs. I am feeling like the children need to see more life. I close my eyes and dream of New York City. What would that feel like? To go back to where I started this entire expat journey? I don't have the answer yet. But I am dreaming...


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Apr 18, 2022

Your art is very beautiful and wonderful

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