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Painting someone's story

I just finished working on a commission piece. It took so much out of me; it brought me such joy to do it.

Like all of my work, I paint to capture emotion. Emotion of a moment, emotion of a life.

I don't just paint faces. I paint the story. The young man who offered me this chance told me his story and that story, his incredible story guided my brush. Each piece of the painting is a different part of him, the parts that make him whole.

He is as happy as I am and I am over the moon.

We are not our faces, the skin we wear. We are the stories inside of us.


Hello, I am French from the city of Paris so excuse me for the poor quality of my English, I came across your site recently and I really like what you are doing.

I also liked your often melancholy but above all so beautiful writings. Keep going.

I myself am a French teacher in high school.

You just said you painted an order part, I would like to know how you paint to order.

Thank you for your reply.

sabrina lloyd
sabrina lloyd
Oct 20, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. Yes, it took me many years to embrace my melancholy. It’s so much a part of me. Never beyond reach, no matter how much joy I find. I’ve made it my friend. And thank you for your interest in a portrait. You can sign up here on the “About” page and send me a private message.

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