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Rioting in Kampala

Right now, as so many people in the world sit watching the royal wedding, riots have broken out in Kampala. As a couple is being made, a city is falling apart. My thoughts and prayers are turning to the  people there. May the Ugandan voices be heard.

*update: 2 people lost their lives, many more injured. Dr Besigye is recovering in Kenya. The leader of the opposition party, Besigye had been protesting the high-cost of living by walking to work. Fearful of the kind of uprisings happening in North Africa, the government arrested him. For walking.

Unrelated, but remarkable,  I received an email after this post from a woman who recognized the boy pictured above. I took it while volunteering in an orphanage our first three months in Uganda. Each child I met remains with me and I’ve often wondered where they are today. Well, she recognized him because he is now her son, living in the States, with his forever family.


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