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That only constant....

Things can happen so fast. Change falling like hail from a second ago blue sky.

I've had loss that came too quickly in my life, left me grasping to hold onto something only to find there is nothing solid in the emptiness of grief. But things can also change for the better. That chance meeting, a new opportunity that seems to fall right into our path, at that right exact moment.

Steps that appear just when feel we are at our edge.

Two weeks ago this island was a desert. Our yard brown and dusty. And then the rains came and in that small window of time everything has shifted and I am once again swimming in green.

Everything seems alive and awakened and it's so interesting to have this right before winter.

We have spring and then the stillness of a dry desert summer, where everything shrivels up and dies and then, a second spring--fall--before it all closes into itself yet again.

No matter where you are it can all change so fast.

If it's good, stay grateful.

If it hurts, just hang on.


I've been painting so much. Each piece becoming more and more what I want it to say.

They bring me so much joy. The ones I am creating. The ones I have framed and hung throughout my home. The ones that have gone to new homes hung around the world.


A poem for today.

DROUTH by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Why do we pity those who weep? The pain

That finds a ready outlet in the flow

Of salt and bitter tears is blessèd woe,

And does not need our sympathies. The rain

But fits the shorn field for new yield of grain;

While the red brazen skies, the sun's fierce glow,

The dry, hot winds that from the tropics blow,

Do parch and wither the unsheltered plain.

The anguish that through long, remorseless years

Looks out upon the world with no relief,

Of sudden tempests or slow dripping tears---

The still, unuttered, silent, wordless grief

That evermore doth ache, and ache, and ache---

This is the sorrow wherewith hearts do break.


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