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Where do our wishes go when they fall with the stars?

Spring is reaching out her hand, pulling us slowing out of winter. I hold her tight, interlace her fingers with mine, chasing that embrace. Dark days giving way to air glowing with gold and I cannot wait.

Even my paintings are filling with that increasing gold light.

Sometimes I feel like I need to give myself a bigger break. I am so tired. I feel so worn out on so many days and then I sit and let myself feel it all. My husband locked down in a hotel room this week, half a world away, because of a recent car bomb. That fear I live with in every waking moment while he works in an unstable country. Living on an island where fog can be so thick that you cannot see out the door; where earthquakes bring midnight screams and blizzards appear out of nowhere. Of course I am tired...

But there are...

sunbeams and buds and frost covered decks. Eagles in the sky and deer in my backyard. Shells and stones to collect, coffee to smell in the morning.

Kids to love and raise.

Reading now: Lost in the Valley of Death by Harley Rusted. I read the review in the NY Times and was unaware, until I bought the book and read the author's bio, that he grew up right here on our little island.

It's a book about seeking. Lost souls and that search. India. Mystics. Danger.


Artemirr Lazaris
Artemirr Lazaris
Mar 03, 2022

Something of entertaining and something of a time gone past, if you haven't already, I implore you delve into the 2 century AD book, considered one of the first sci-fi stories of the day.

" A True Story" - Lucian 200 AD

His satire of the day gives incite to a time not quite changed with his wit and imagination. Its a fantastic, bombastic tale, and it really shines that even absurdity comes through time. IN fact his stories survived more then his contemporaries; It has a "Monthy Python" like antics to it. I am saddened it has never been captured into film. It is one ridiculous antic to the next and we can be pulled along like an ancie…


Feb 22, 2022

I always appreciate your deep thoughts. Thank you for sharing that and being vulnerable of your fears. That must be difficult to be separated from your husband and know that he is in an unstable country.

I also love that you expressed how nature and your kids bring you comfort and joy. 🤗❤

May you and your family be safe, peaceful, happy and live with ease. ❤

Remember always that you and your family are worthy and valued. ❤

Thanks for always sharing your thoughts and art into this world. 🌎


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