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This and that at the Borgo di Tragliata

For Mother’s Day weekend we drove to the country to see this:

We stayed on an organic farm, in an old stone house:

which is this:

where they gave us this menu for lunch:

Now in most places (or at least places I have been) you would order one from each section, making a full meal. I tried in vain to do just that, but after some very funny Italian and finally switching to English, I was made to understand that no, there would be no ordering. This is what we will be eating, what is being served. All of it.

So they brought this:

then they brought this:

and then 2 big bowls containing some of this <–  and some of that –>:

and then it was on to this:

and, of course, you can’t have that without this:

and this:

and always this:

to which we did that:

and it all ended with this:

to go with that:

and after all that, well, we felt like this:

so my husband needed to do this:

while I had to do that:

We told them we’d skip dinner.

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